Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

Best Mattress For Back Sleepers – Buyer’s Guide

However, you can narrow done your choices with a few questions about your needs, like: Is a memory foam mattress good for back sleepers, or are hard or soft bed better for your back? The answer to these questions can help you narrow your choices so that you can find the perfect mattress for back sleeping that fits for you and will relieve your back pain and make you feel refreshed in the morning.

This guide was made to help you to compare and contrast the best mattress options on the market to see what specifications are out there, and what kind of mattress you can get for your budget. Using the following detailed reviews, you can see which one of these mattress options would be the best for you and your partner, so that you can purchase your new mattress right away without any further research.

List of Top Mattress For Back Sleepers

PhotoProductCertificationsMemory Foam
DreamCloud’s Luxury Hybrid Mattress DreamCloud’s Luxury Hybrid MattressCertiPUR-US®Gel Memory Foam
The-Leesa-Multilayer-Foam-Mattress Leesa Original MattressCertiPUR-US®Yes
The Winkbed Company The Winkbed CompanyCertiPureGel Memory Foam
The Novosbed 5th Generation Mattress The Novosbed 5th Generation MattressCertiPUR-US®Yes
The Winkbed Company Memory Lux The Winkbed Company Memory LuxCertified for highest standards of comfortYes
Saatva Build Your Mattress Saatva Build Your MattressCertipurUSYes
The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress The Nectar Memory Foam MattressCertiPUR-US®Gel Memory Foam
The Allswell Luxe Hybrid The Allswell Luxe HybridCertiPUR-US®Gel Memory Foam
Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Brooklyn Signature HybridNoGel Memory Foam
Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Casper Wave Hybrid MattressCertiPUR-US®Gel Memory Foam

Review of the Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

DreamCloud’s Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud’s Luxury Hybrid Mattress

More Features: base support layer for added stability, contour and comfort layer for support at pressure points.

This mattress uses some of the best technology to provide the most comfortable nighttime experience ever. The gel-infused memory foam helps to distribute heat evenly so that your skin stays at a cool temperature even during the hottest months of the year. The hand-tufted cashmere blend topper gives you breathability, but with the softest possible fabric for added comfort.

There are 5 comfort zones designed to give extra support at the highest pressure points, and the pocketed innerspring coil gives you increased temperature regulation so that the mattress stays cools all night. The bottom mattress cover is made to keep the bed in place even if you move around while you sleep so you don’t have to worry about tossing and turning and moving the place of the bed.


  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam – heat distribution
  • Hand-Tufted Cashmere – soft and breathable
  • 5 Comfort Zones – support where needed
  • Pocketed Innerspring Coil – temperature regulation
  • Bottom Mattress Cover – for less movement


  • Innovative technology for added comfort​
  • Soft and breathable fabrics used
  • Multiple ways of temperature regulation for cooler sleep
  • Bottom mattress cover for less movement overnight
Leesa Original Mattress

Leesa Original Mattress

More Features: Certipur certified, memory foam helps keep the body cool overnight, foam has great bounce for comfort.

This mattress is made with comfort in mind, with its 3 layers of foam it offers a great night’s sleep without feeling any aches and pains. The high-density foam layer keeps you stable and gives added relief to the body’s pressure points. The zero-motion transfer keeps the mattress from moving even if you do and the LSA-200 specially designed foam layer is breathable and soft.

The pressure-relieving layer adds an extra layer of pain relief by designing a foam that will help to pinpoint pressure areas and give them extra support where it is needed. Plus, with the Certipur certification, you can feel secure knowing that this mattress is up to the highest standards for comfort and reliability.


  • LSA-200 – breathable foam layer
  • Pressure Relieving Layer – relieves body pressure
  • High-Density Foam Layer – for added comfort
  • Zero Motion Transfer – for less movement
  • 3-Layer Foam Construction – for extra padding


  • Soft and breathable fabrics for added comfort
  • Multiple foam layers for added comfort and pain relief
  • Less movement while sleeping for extra security
  • 3 layers of foam for comfort and back pain relief
The Winkbed Company

The Winkbed Company

More Features: Duratech lifetime liability that guarantees the mattress will sag only 2% after 20 years of use.

This mattress has extra support to help relieve back pain for back sleepers. This mattress has a 3-step back relief system that helps to relieve pressure on your back by eliminating muscle tension. The Sleepcalm motion has stabilizing gel so that your mattress doesn’t move around at night. The additional lumbar support with the lumbar layer is there for extra help with back pain relief.

The anti-sag support keeps your mattress from sagging at the edges, which can happen with traditional mattresses over time. The Duratech lifetime warranty guarantees that the edges will only sag up to 2% for up to 20 years so that you can feel secure knowing that your mattress will hold up against years of use no matter what.


  • 3-Step Back Relief – eliminates muscle tension
  • Sleepcalm Motion – stabilizing gel foam
  • Proprietary Lumbar Layer – additional lumbar support
  • Anti-Sag Support – no edge sagging
  • Heat Disperse Tech – temperature regulation


  • Back pain relief for back sleepers
  • Relieves pressure points and eliminates muscle tension
  • Stabilizing gel for added security
  • Lumbar layer supports lower back for extra back pain relief
The Novosbed 5th Generation Mattress

The Novosbed 5th Generation Mattress

More Features: with the open cell airflow foam dissipating heat you get more temperature regulation, distributes body weight.

This mattress gives you a great night’s sleep in every way possible. With the soft washable cover, you have added comfort and it makes for easy washing when needed. The next-generation memory foam uses advanced air circulation technology to push away moisture. The transition zone gives you extra pressure point relief that is targeted to the tensest parts of the body.

The support zones give you premium support for your whole body so that however you sleep, you will feel awake and well-rested in the morning. The open cell airflow foam helps to dissipate heat so that your mattress stays at a cool temperature overnight and you don’t wake up from the heat, even during the hottest summer months.


  • Soft Washable Cover – draws moisture away
  • Next Generation Memory Foam – advanced air circulation
  • Transition Zone – pressure point relief
  • Support Zones – premium support foam
  • Open Cell Airflow Foam – dissipates heat


  • Temperature regulation and heat dissipation
  • Zones with targeted relief for specific areas
  • Memory foam with air circulation that keeps out moisture
  • Washable cover for easy cleaning
The Winkbed Company Memory Lux

The Winkbed Company Memory Lux

More Features: Tencel cover that keeps temperature cooler with 30% lower temperatures than linen, and is softer than silk.

This mattress gives you the support you need with the comfort that you want. The muscle-relaxing comfort helps to align joints so that you wake up without aches. The pressure point relief system uses shock-absorbing cushions to help give your most tense areas a rest. The zero-heat retention memory foam doesn’t trap heat and instead cools off the mattress so that you stay cool throughout the night.

The zoned progression foam targets specific areas of the body to give you the most relief and comfort possible. The Certipur-US certification will make you rest easy knowing that you are laying on a mattress that has met the highest standards. Plus, with the 120-night free trial, you can test it out to see if you like it before you decide to buy it.


  • Muscle Relaxing Comfort – makes joints align
  • Pressure Point Relief – shock adsorbing cushions
  • Zero Heat Retention – temperature regulation
  • Zoned Progression Foam – targets individual areas
  • Certipur-US Certified – high standards


  • Certified for highest standards of comfort
  • Temperature regulation keeps the mattress cool overnight
  • Layers of foam give added comfort for pressure points
  • Shock absorbing cushions helps you relieve morning aches and pains
Saatva Build Your Mattress

Saatva Build Your Mattress

More Features: individual wrapped coils for contouring to the body, and durable steel coil support for maximum strength.

This mattress gives you the support that you need to give you back pain relief as a back sleeper and the comfort that allows you to get a great night’s sleep every night. The contouring support gives your back the support it needs to wake up in the morning pain-free. The lumbar zone support is built to give your spine optimal support so that you don’t wake up with any pain.

The chiropractor approved effectiveness allows you to feel secure knowing that you will have the highest rated back support possible. The memory foam layer gives you the best comfort, and the relief from joint pressure will let you get up in the morning without aching joints.


  • Reduced Back Pain – contour and cushion support
  • Optimal Spine Support – Lumbar zone support
  • Chiropractor Approved – for maximum effectiveness
  • Memory Foam Layer – for added relief
  • Reduced Joint Pain – relieving joint pressure


  • Contours to the body for added comfort
  • Multiple layers of extra foam comfort
  • Joint and back pain relief
  • Pressure point targeting for maximum relief from aches and pains
The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

More Feature: Certipur-US certified for highest standards, comes with cooling cover for increased air circulation.

This mattress mixes pain relief with comfort in the best way possible with the quilted gel foam that contours to the body and provides extra comfort for back sleepers. The gel memory foam helps to distribute weight evenly for the evenest night’s sleep. The adaptive hi-core memory foam adds a layer that adds rebound and bounce.

The breathable base layer adds stability and reinforcement for the foundation so that the mattress doesn’t move around at night. The bottom mattress cover adds yet another level of protection from movement with a bottom mattress cover. Plus, with the Ceritpur-US certification you can rest assured knowing that you have the most highly rated mattress around.


  • Quilted Gel Foam – contours to body
  • Gel Memory Foam – distributes weight evenly
  • Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam – rebound and bounce
  • Breathable Base Layer – stable foundation reinforcement
  • Bottom Mattress Cover – doesn’t move around


  • Contours to your body for custom experience
  • Multiple layers of gel foam for added comfort
  • Certipur-US for high standards of comfort
  • Breathable, soft build that is made to last
The Allswell Luxe Hybrid

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid

More Features: Swirlfoam technology and woven with signature A, offers great edge support on all side of the mattress.

This mattress contours to your body to give your toughest pressure points relief overnight and the multiple layers of gel foam work together to provide the most comfortable nighttime experience. The copper gel-infused foam destroys microbes and keeps your mattress free from unwanted creatures at all times so that your mattress will last for years to come.

The active relief system allows your muscles and joints to feel relief from pain while you sleep and the signature quilting gives you a plushly quilted top cover gives you a silky-smooth feeling that will lull you right to bed. The extra edge support allows the mattress to last for years without sagging around the edges of the mattress like other brands do after time.


  • Individually Wrapped Coils – minimize motion transfer
  • High Density Foam – provides added support
  • Copper Gel-Infused Foam – destroys microbes
  • Active Relief – for joints and muscles
  • Signature Quilting – plushly quilted top


  • Wrapped coils for minimized motion transfer overnight
  • Multiple gel foams for added comfort
  • Copper gel-infused foam that destroys bacteria
  • Active relief for muscle and joints
  • Great for back sleepers and relieves back pain and aches
Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

More Features: custom made in the USA, TitanFlex foam that contours to the shape of the body, comes with a 120-night free trial before purchase.

This mattress allows you to get the best night’s sleep with the highest comfort and lessened pain. The TitaniumGel is used to regulate temperature at night so you don’t get hot and the Energex gel foam gives you deeper compression support. The individually cased coils allow for greater support and decreased nighttime motion, so that it doesn’t move, even if you do.

The 1” density foam base adds a layer of extra stability so that your mattress won’t be moved, and the 2” top layer of gel memory foam gives added comfort where you need it most. The TitanFlex foam contours to the body so that you get a customized sleeping experience every time you fall asleep. Plus, you can try it out for up to 120 days without making a purchase to see if it is right for you.


  • 2” Top Layer – gel memory foam
  • Energex Gel Foam – deeper compression support
  • Individually Cased Coils – increased support, less motion
  • TitaniumGel – For temperature regulation
  • 1” Density Foam Base – for added durability


  • Multiple layers of gel foam for extra comfort
  • Energex foam is designed for deeper compression support for pain relief
  • Individually cased coils increase back support and decrease motion as you sleep
  • Temperature is regulated so that you don’t get hot at night
  • TitanFlex foam contours to the body for a customizable experience every night

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

More Features: pressure-relieving and absorbs weight and transfers pressure away from areas, resilient springs for durability.

This mattress comes with just about everything you could ask for. The 13-inch mattress makes it comfortable and higher up so that you can sink into the foam even more. The 5 layers of premium foam work together to give you the most comfortable sleeping experience with the least amount of pain and aches. The soft top layer gives you a silky-smooth finish with soft to the touch fabric for extra comfort.

The airflow for temperature regulation keeps the mattress free from moisture build-up, and it keeps the mattress at a much cooler temperature so that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night due to the heat. The targeted gel pods help to align the spine while you sleep to relieve back pain and aches, and you will wake up feeling more refreshed.

In the hybrid model option, you will also get added edge support for the mattress so that, over time, the edges will not sag and make it more difficult to get in and out of bed.


  • 13” Mattress Height – for more comfort
  • 5 Layers of Premium Foam – for the best sleep
  • Soft Top Layer – that is silky-smooth
  • Maximum Airflow – for temperature regulation
  • Targeted Gel Pods – full spine alignment


  • 5 layers of premium foam for extra comfort
  • Soft top layer for silk-smooth feel and added comfort
  • Airflow allows moisture to be removed and adds temperature regulation
  • Target gel pods align the spine while you sleep for a better rest
  • Edge support for hybrid options that increase durability

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