How To Get A Memory Foam Mattress Back In The Box

How To Get A Memory Foam Mattress Back In The Box

Moving a mattress is quite a pain when it comes to moving. For one, mattresses are big, and they thus require a lot of space when moving. Also, they weigh a lot, and you will probably need help to move them. You can get around the second part by getting a friend or a loved one to help. As for space, this one is quite a hard one to bypass. You have to clear the track and ensure there are no hurdles along the way. Also, you may end up renting a van in which you can move the mattress. For people who choose to have the mattresses on top of the car, it is quite hard to get them there and to ensure that they do not fall. If they are not in place, not only can you get arrested for unsafe driving but you can also cause an accident. It seems like a lot of hassle, and you may be thinking of selling the mattress and getting a replacement.

While this may be a welcome option, there is another way to go about this. Can you imagine reducing the load in both size and bulk? Well, this is possible. When you first got your memory foam mattress, can you remember how the manufacturer delivered it? It was in a relatively small box, and this reduced the load on their part. If it was like this, what is to say that you cannot get it in a box again? How cool would that be! Not to mention the amount of work you would forego in moving the mattress.

How then can you do this? Well, you have to consider that the manufacturer has invested in pretty pricey machinery that gets the job done. The machines exert pressure on the mattress to get it to a small size that is easy to deliver. However, that does not mean that you cannot do the same to the mattress. Thank goodness for DIY or we would always rush to retailers and manufacturers for such tasks. Yes, that’s right! You can get it back in the box in a few easy steps.

And what’s more, you will not use much money on this process. If you have the tools required, you will not spend a penny on it. All you will need for this is your energy.

With the mattress back in the box, you can even move it by yourself. That means that you will not have to bribe your loved ones with snacks in exchange for their help. And when you do call them over for a barbecue, it will not be a bribe.

What Will You Need?

Now that you know that you can do this on your own, the first thing you should do is get the gear. You may have some or all of the required items in your house. If this is the case, you should inspect them and ensure that they are of sound quality before using them. Let’s get started:

  • A Plastic Mattress Bag

You will need to wrap the mattress in a plastic bag. The essence of this is to prevent the mattress from collecting dust from the floor as you move it. The bag also ensures that the mattress does not get into contact with the elements.

If you do not have one, ensure that you get one made for beds. In this way, you will end up with a heavy-duty option that you can use on subsequent moves. Also, sealable bags are the best as they ensure that nothing gets in and nothing gets out. You thus protect the mattress. The good thing about covers is that they are available at affordable prices. You, therefore, won’t incur much in the process.

When getting a bag, look out for the size. Suppose you have a queen size mattress, you are better off getting a queen size plastic bag. Otherwise, if you use something bigger than this, you will end up with extra plastic that will make the process complicated. However, if you already have a bigger one at home, there is no need to go to the store. It will work, only that you will have a lot more plastic to handle.

Where you are unsure of the dimensions of your mattress and what bag will work for it, you can always refer to a sizing chart.

  • Tie-Down Straps

People refer to these straps by different names, including ratchet straps. They are readily available, and they come at affordable prices. You can find them in home moving supply stores. They come in handy in securing the mattress once you roll it. In this way, it cannot unfold as you move it, and it will thus be easy to transport. Additionally, they provide you with something on which to grab as you move the mattress.

You cannot do without these straps as they also serve as a last resort. Suppose the vacuum seal and the tape procedures do not work; these are the straps that will ensure that everything stays in place. Thus, if you need to invest some more bucks to get the best quality in the market, they are worth the money.

  • Duct Tape

Duct tape comes in many forms. To compress a mattress, you should get a sticky one. Note that the keyword here is sticky and not stickiest. Get something sticky enough to hold everything in place. A heavy-duty tape may not be a great idea if you wish to preserve the plastic. As you tear it out, it will come off with parts of the plastic bag. And this would lead to losses. Thus, go for the in-between regarding stickiness, and you will be fine.

  • Vacuum Bag

When getting a vacuum bag, you do not need to get the biggest available. A small one will do. Consider whether the diameter of the valve will work with the width of your hose. If they do not match, continue shopping until you get the right fit. Once you confirm this, proceed to attach the valve to the plastic mattress bag and follow the steps as given below.

The Deflation Process

Deflating a bed is a lot of fun, and you are sure to enjoy it. You should start by getting rid of everything on top of the mattress, including the protectors and the sheets. Once the bed is bare, you can get started.

Take the mattress and slide it into the mattress bag. It should be easy if you got the right size bag for your mattress. You might need a hand in this process as you need to wiggle the mattress in. Once the mattress fits in the bag, you should proceed with sealing it to prevent the entry of elements and dust. Having a sealable bag allows you to move through this process with ease as most of the work is complete. However, you should ensure that you reinforce the edges with duct tape to account for any leaks or holes.

Now that the mattress is well-secured in the mattress bag and you have sealed it and reinforced the edges, deflation can start. Tape the valve of the vacuum bag onto the plastic before making a hole in the plastic. Put the valve through such that it touches the surface of the mattress. Now, tape the hole that you have made, ensuring that the valve is well-secured. Ensure that there are no leaks and no source of weakness before proceeding.

The valves diameter and the hose’s width have to match. If not, this step will not work. Attach the hose to the valve and turn on the vacuum. At first, the air will get sucked out. From here going forward, you should start seeing a reduction in size in the mattress such that it gets smaller.

Can You Fold A Memory Foam Mattress?

The answer is yes. Here is how to go about it. Flatten the mattress as much as is possible. Do not remove the vacuum and let it continue running as you horizontally roll the mattress. Given that the vacuum is on, air will not get in and your work will thus be easy. After you roll the mattress, use the ratchet straps to secure it in place. Given the use of the vacuum, the plastic could likely break if it is not of heavy-duty. Thus, having the straps in place will ensure that the mattress stays in the rolled form.

The compressed mattress should remain in a horizontal position. Placing it on its side or vertically could damage the material and the structure. Additionally, it could void the warranty. You can set the compressed mattress in a truck bed or SUV. For small cars, fold down the back seat and place the mattress there.
Carrying the mattress will still be a hassle, but you can manage to do so alone. Alternatively, you could call a friend who could help you with the same.

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