How To Move A Memory Foam Mattress

How To Move A Memory Foam Mattress

Moving homes is a lengthy process, more so when you have a foam mattress in play. Getting it to the roof of your car can be quite the hurdle. And where you do not own a car, the difficulty gets bigger. It could also be that you do not have help with the move. Maybe your loved ones are busy or have left town for one reason or the other. Panic may start to set in as you consider the task ahead. However, there is no reason for this as you can move the foam mattress with ease and retain its shape and integrity.

Must You Move A Memory Foam Mattress?

Moving a foam mattress is not an easy task. Thus, you will probably end up on online sites checking out the need to do this and how to go about it. The research is bound to have you wondering if you can hack this move, more so when the mattress is large. Before you get into how to move it, let us take a look at some options that you may have in this regard:

Get a New One
Suppose you have had the mattress for over ten years, this is an excellent time to think about getting a replacement. Maybe you had it when you first started living alone or got it from a former roommate. Moving from your home is not only a way to set up new roots. It is also a way to experience a fresh start. And as such, you can let go of the old and welcome the new. Tons of retailers deliver mattresses to your home, and you can thus skip the hassle of moving the mattress across town. And you can make some quick bucks from posting it online.

Use Movers
Most people prefer to move without the use of professionals, especially when doing so on a budget. Thus, the idea of having movers in your home may not be very appealing. However, where there is a lot of work in play, having them will not hurt. They have tons of experience regarding the moving of foam mattresses. Also, they exercise caution when moving items and will ensure that no harm comes to the mattress. If you choose to go down this route, be sure to get a reputable company with insurance. In this way, you can get compensation if anything happens to your items.
Suppose you would prefer not to get movers or haven’t got enough money to hire them, you can post a classified ad. It can be on any site where you are sure to get someone who can move one item at an affordable fee. It is quite unlike the use of movers as you pay per piece, as opposed to a one-off deal. Be sure to exercise caution when using such services as not all people are who they appear to be. Some of them may be out to con you or steal from you in the process.

Shipping looks like a costly option. However, it is much cheaper than getting a new mattress. And in most cases, it will cost less as compared to having professional movers in play. Thus, talk to the companies in your area and get their quotes. From here, you can decide if you wish to go ahead with the move. With a reputable shipping company, you have an assurance of protection of your goods. They also provide compensation if anything were to happen.

How To Move A Memory Foam Mattress by Yourself?

Suppose none of the options above appeal to you; there is another way to get the mattress to its new location. You can do it yourself! The good thing about this approach is that you spend less money as compared to the above options. If you have the resolve to do this, here is what you will need.

The assistance can be from your friends or family. Helping someone move is not an easy task, and you thus need some incentives to convince them to show up on moving day. From beer to pizza to snacks, there is a lot that you can offer. Moving a foam mattress is harder than you think, and their help will come in handy.

Moving Bag
When moving the mattress, you are likely to lay it on the floor at some point. You thus need something to protect the mattress from coming into contact with dust. Using a mattress moving bag will be sufficient for this, and you can get one from a moving supply store. These bags protect the mattress from the elements.

Given that you will handle the task with a friend(s), you should get some moving straps. They will help you in the coordination of the movements, thus making the work easy. You can get these from a moving supply store at an affordable price.

Storage Bag
The storage bag does not have to be fancy, and you can use anything for this. It will come in handy in giving you a place where you can store the bed screws. In this way, you are not likely to lose anything during the move. Also, trash bags will be of help when it comes to storing the bed slats.

Comfy Dressing
The moving day is not the time to show off your new heels or high-end shoes. That is not to say that you cannot look stylish as you heave and sweat and wipe your brow. However, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Flip flops, sandals, and other shoes that can trip you are not advisable. Also, it is best to wear closed shoes to protect your feet from damage. If you wish, you can wear gloves to protect your hands.

Should you move it on top of your car?

Sometimes, people think of using their vehicles to transport mattresses. This method may work for small mattresses, but this is not advisable when it comes to memory foam types. For one, the flopping is an easy way to lower the structural integrity of the mattress. Also, it could fall off and injure someone or cause an accident. Plus, you could end up with a ticket as this constitutes unsafe driving. Where your car is not large enough to accommodate the mattress, consider hiring a van. Or you could talk to a friend with a truck.

What Not to Do When You to Move a Memory Foam Mattress?

First off, do not fold the mattress in two, lest you want to permanently damage. Do not slide it down a flight of stairs to ease the moving process as this will damage it. Do not leave the mattress on its side for an extended period as this affects the internal structure. And finally, do not strap it to your car, leave it bare or dump it illegally.

The Move

It is now time to move the mattress. Where your car is small, it is best to get a moving van. It will not cost you much, and it will enable you to position the mattress as it should be. In this way, you can avoid damaging the structure of the mattress.

Start by clearing the path from the bedroom to the van. You can do this by walking down the track and checking for any trip hazards and barriers. If there are any pets or children in the area, move them to another part of the house. Also, open all the doors along this path and hold them in place in the best way you see fit.

Place the mattress into the moving bag. Where you do not have a bag, you can use a plastic tarp. If you use the tarp, be sure to seal the ends with duct tape. In this way, no dirt or elements can get into the mattress, and it will thus remain protected.

You can now move the mattress such that it lies on its side. In this position, you will have an easy time attaching the moving straps under the ends. You and your helper can now move the mattress to the vehicle and lay it flat.


Moving a memory foam mattress is quite different from what you would experience when moving other types of mattresses. It is for this reason that you need to exercise caution during the move. For one, you should consider that it weighs more than other mattresses. Thus, though you may be able to handle moving other mattresses on your own, you may have a hard time with memory foam. Having help is of the essence in this case.

And two, it flops much more quickly as compared to the other mattresses. Carrying it will, therefore, prove to be quite a difficult task. Additionally, it is fragile, and using items such as ropes and tie-downs is not advised. Such things could damage the internal structure, thus lowering the quality of the product. Folding it in half could lead to permanent damage to the mattress, and you, therefore, should not do so.

When moving the mattress, you should consider the use of a mattress shipping box. Upon moving the mattress to the van, you should place it in the box, coupled with bubble wrap and tape. In this way, it will not move around much during the move and will thus retain its shape.

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