How To Sleep With Curly Hair

How To Sleep With Curly Hair

There’s nothing like spending a day with a head of gloriously curly and vivacious hair, especially when the weather and your products cooperate to keep them looking great. Once night falls and it’s time to hit the sack you’re faced with same struggle as every other girl with bountiful bouncy curls. How do you keep those curls looking great all night and into the morning without having to deal with shampooing and styling it all from go?

Losing the curls themselves may not be much of an issue if you’re one of those blessed with natural curls. Keeping them tame, mostly untangled, and frizz free on the other hand is a struggle anyone with curly hair is going to face. We’ve put together a collection of nine basic tricks that will help you keep your hair looking great the next day. Which one will be right for you is going to depend on how tightly curled your hair is, how long it is, and whether your hair is dry or wet when you go to bed. Regardless of which one describes you one, or a combination of more than one, of these tricks is going to be a solution for you!

How To Sleep With Curly Hair

  1. Loose bun

    A popular option for the curly-haired crowd is to capture their hair in a loose bun to help reduce the frizziness the morning brings. Start by combining scrunch gel with a leave-in conditioner inyour hair before you flip and wrap it into a bun. You don’t want your bun to be too tight or you’ll end up stretching out the curls. You also want to make sure you don’t bind it too tightly either or you’ll wind up creating a dent, a loose scrunchie should do the trick.
    One of the benefits of putting your hair in a loose bun is you’ll wind up with a broader range of styling options in the morning. If you tend to wake up with your hair still damp from the night before you can manage this by adding more curling products, and then either diffuse or air-dry your hair.

  2. Plop

    Gravity can be a serious issue for those who have to work for their curls, a plopping your hair is a way to make sure they stay while they’re drying. It involves the application of hair gel to wet hair that is then wrapped in a microfiber towel. This is done by flipping your hair onto the towel on a flat surface so it piles on top of the towel and your head. Tie up the towel to keep the hair on top of your head and give it time to dry. The towel will help speed drying times, while the pile of curls will help them keep their curl.

    How To Plop Using a Shirt

    This quick and easy guide will help you figure out how to plop your hair if you’ve never done it before. Start by getting a long-sleeve t-shirt and find a convenient flat surface. Then follow these steps.

    1. Wash your hair normally, and leave it wet.
    2. Use styler and moisturizer to saturate your hair.
    3. Lay your shirt on a flat surface with the neck hole (and sleeves) closest to you.
    4. Flip your hair over your head and ensure your hair is in the center of the shirt.
    5. Pull the bottom of the shirt over the back of your head until its at the nape of your neck.
    6. Grab the sleeves and tie them in a knot behind your head to hold it all in place.
    7. Secure the loose ends and tighten it down until the knot’s secure.
    8. Let it sit for up to 20 minutes or overnight if you like.
    9. Air dry or diffuse your hair and you’re done!

  3. Two-strand twist

    The two-strand twist is another popular choice for the curly haired crowd at bedtime. You can use this technique regardless of if your hair is dry or wet, but wet hair results in tighter curls. The best part about the two-strand twist is it permits you to shape your hair in a way that prevents them from flattening while you sleep. The process is thankfully simple, take a portion of your hair, split it in two pieces, then coil them around each other from your scalp to the end of your hair. This is a great solution for those with tight coils or curls.

  4. Pineapple Your Hair

    One of the primary tricks that many girls with long curly hair like to do is put their hair up in a ‘pineapple’ while they’re sleeping. This is only done while the hair is dry. You start by flipping your head over so that your hair is hanging down, and tie it up in a ponytail that is loose and high. Don’t use thin bands to secure it or you may dent or break your hair. Now stand up, and split the ponytail in half, one part on either side. You can refresh your hair first thing in the morning with a spritz of curl refresher or water.

  5. Multi-pineapple

    For those whose hair isn’t long enough to do a full pineapple, another variety of this hair style exists. Multi-pineapples are created by tieing your hair into 2 or 3 smaller pineapples to preserve your curls. If your hair is even too short for this technique, then secure it in a satin bonnet to protect it while you sleep.

  6. Mini braids

    Many people with curly hair opt to braid their hair while they sleep. You can start with a french braid, a loose braid, or even multiple braid to find a method that works well for your hair. The looser your hair the more it will retain its natural curliness. As you tighten the braids you add more and more crimp when you remove the braids later on. If you’re uncertain how to do a French braid then simply split your hair into multiple smaller sections and use a regular braiding technique. If your curly waves are loose this is a way to tighten then up, or you can loosen tighter curls with larger braids.

  7. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or bonnet

    Friction is a major contributor to hair losing its curl while you sleep. This is why a silk bonnet or pillowcase is often suggested by hair experts. The silky texture will ensure that you don’t get any frizz when you hair moves over it while you sleep. This is a great option no matter which technique you choose as it will work well with all the ones we’ll mention. Pineapples are particularly popular options when sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Those who are serious about protecting their curls may even opt to have a satin pillowcase and bonnet at the same time in the event that their hair slips out while they’re sleeping.

    If you feel like you look silly sleeping with a bonnet on, or dislike the way a satin pillowcase feels, you can tie your hair up with a satin scarf. This ensures that your hair won’t get in your face while you sleep, and can work wonders in avoiding tangles and knots. Which you decide to go with is entirely a matter of preference.

  8. T-shirt turban

    If you’ve discovered that pineappling results in you having a dent in your hair or causes your curls to loosen then you may want to try creating a t-shirt turban. This method was originally created to handle short curly hair as it prevents it from flattening in your sleep. It tends to produce great results and is a fantastic option for those looking for an alternative to pineappling.

    Following these steps will help ensure that you wake up with your curls vibrant and beautiful. Having curly hair is a trial at the best of times, even though we may love the way our hair look. Taking steps to ensure that our curls keep looking good is an all day project, especially when we sleep.

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