What Is A Split Queen Mattress?

What Is A Split Queen Mattress?

Being comfortable while you rest is of the essence, and you can achieve this through the use of a split queen mattress. This mattress features a design that is sure to afford you flexibility. It comprises two mattresses which together add up to a queen mattress size. Each piece measures thirty by eighty inches.

The beauty of having two pieces is that you have an easier time when moving and setting up the bed. With a queen mattress, the ease is not so much, and you probably have to get help when doing so. And the move is pretty awkward when moving the mattress in a small space with tight corners. Thus, instead of going through all this, you get the split queen mattress.

The mattress folds less when moving, which is excellent, as it can retain its structural integrity. Additionally, it features two pieces. Thus, you can move the mattress by yourself if need be.

Do You Need A Split Queen Mattress?

There are tons of people who would benefit from the use of such a mattress. Let us take the example of a person who lives in a small space. Fitting a big mattress into such a room would prove to be complicated. However, with a split mattress, they can easily do so as it can fit through small doorways. Additionally, cleaning the room will not be hard, and moving time will not be a hassle.

Other beneficiaries of this mattress are couples.

Suppose you and your partner love being in the same bed but enjoy varying levels of comfort, this is the way to go. When paired with an adjustable base, the mattress allows you to adjust the sides based on your needs. You can thus be on the same bed enjoying different adjustments. There is no need for you to get separate beds, and this sleeping position will add to your bonding time.

People who have difficulty moving bulky goods will appreciate this mattress. You can take it apart piece by piece and move it where you want it. Thus, you will not put pressure on your back, and the doctor will not frown at you during the next visit. It also applies to older people who may wish to avoid bulky items.

Setting up the mattress is also easy, and this makes it a go-to for anyone looking to enjoy a convenient setup. Plus, when moving time is nigh, you will not be frantically looking for someone to help with the move.

What Is A Split Queen Mattress?

A split queen mattress is as the name states. It is what you would get if you were to split a standard queen mattress. It comprises of two pieces, each measuring thirty by eighty inches. When you place the pieces on a bed, it amounts to sixty by eighty inches, which is what you would see in a queen mattress.

These mattresses feature various materials in their make. From latex to memory foam, the options are endless.

How Does Split Queen Mattress Work?

Split mattresses come in two pieces. Thus, if you share your bed with someone and do not enjoy the same comfort levels, you can adjust the parts accordingly. You get best results when you use an adjustable base as you can lower or raise your side of the bed. And this will not affect the other person’s side.

Why Should You Buy One?

For Position Adjustment

If you want a mattress that can accommodate various sleeping positions, this is a great choice. You can elevate your upper body and your legs to get maximum comfort. Some beds come with massage features which add to their comfort levels.

For Small Spaces

Where you cannot fit a large mattress in your house owing to small doorways and hallways, a split mattress will work for you.

For Couples

Partners do not always share sleeping preferences. And when it comes to buying a mattress, comfort is of the essence. Thus, having a split mattress is an excellent idea as it allows each partner to customize the adjustments. Traditional mattresses are not like this as one person has to compromise for the good of the other. In this way, one person ends up disgruntled, and this can put a strain on the relationship. After all, you spend at least a third of your day in bed. And if you are not comfortable all this while, think of how much that would affect your work, school, relationships, and other areas.
Let us suppose you prefer having a soft surface; you can add cushioning to your side. You would thus end up feeling comfortable while your partner felt the same way on a hard surface. Here are some things to consider when buying a split bed as a couple:

One, you will be able to accommodate two separate sleep preferences. It is this kind of setup that will allow you to get the most out of your sleeping schedule. You can use an adjustable base for this. In this way, you can level the mattress when cuddling and getting intimate then adjust it when you want to sleep. This mattress does not hinder romance as you will be on the same bed. On the contrary, it is sure to add some spark in your relationship as you will feel rested when morning comes.

The split mattress also allows you to work with different mattress types. In this way, you can choose what feels comfortable to you without affecting your partner’s sleep. If you prefer a hard surface, you can have one while your partner gets what works best for them.

Additionally, with a split mattress, there is less motion transfer. With a traditional mattress, anything happening on one side of the bed will affect the rest of the mattress owing to the one piece. Here, you can have pillow fights and intimate moments without affecting the stability of the mattress.

Getting a power base allows you to lay in a different position from that of your partner. Your head can be high with the lower end flat, and you would not affect their rest. Thus, getting this kind of mattress is an excellent idea for couples.

What Should Couples Consider?

Buying a bed frame that accommodates the mattress may prove to be a difficult task. The same goes for comforters and sheets. Thus, you are likely to make special orders in the future to get something that works for you.

Also, remember to attach the bases. Failure to do so leads to the separation of mattresses. With space in between, you experience problems such as the moving of mattresses.

What Do You Need To Know About Split Queen Mattress?

Difference between queen and split queen. Who needs one? What should you consider? Are there Split Queen Foundations or Box Springs?

Difference between queen and split queen

There is not much variation between these two mattresses, other than in the dimensions. Where a queen comes in one piece, the split comes in two. Additionally, the queen measures sixty inches across its width, whereas a split mattress will measure thirty. Combining the parts gives you a queen.

Who Needs Split Queen Mattress?

Many people can benefit from the use of a split mattress. They include people living in small spaces, couples, the elderly, and people with injuries and those with back problems. These mattresses are easy to maneuver and set up, and they allow you to vary the sleeping position.

What Should You Consider?

When getting a split mattress, research the options available, more so concerning the quality. Materials differ, and they affect how long you can use a mattress before you head to the store for a replacement. Take an example of latex mattresses. At first glance, you may think that you have yourself a deal and are taking a high-quality mattress home. However, on looking closer, you may find that the latex is not original and is mainly synthetic. As such, you should look into the labels as they will show you the organic materials in play. When buying a foam mattress, ensure that it meets the quality certifications. Else, you could end up with something that will not serve you for long.

Are there Split Queen Foundations or Box Springs?

Yes, they do exist, and you can get these from mattress manufacturers. The essence of a split box spring or foundation is to enable you to navigate through spaces that a standard size wouldn’t do. When making an order, be sure to request for the two-piece box spring as this will work with the split mattress. Retailers can provide the same. However, you would require to wait a few days as they make the order and deliver the item. In some cases, the waiting time can be up to weeks. A box spring will measure thirty by eighty inches. It will work for a total length of eighty inches, and an entire width of sixty.

Some people opt to cut their queen box springs to accommodate the splits. While this may work, you should consider that in doing so, you could damage the structure. What’s more, this could void the warranty of the box spring and that of the mattress in place.

The split box springs or foundations are quite durable as they feature lots of wood and steel. Thus, they are safe for use. They should set you back about fifty to two hundred dollars, depending on the manufacturer.

That’s all regarding split queen mattresses. Hopefully, you will have an easier time shopping for one.

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