When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

Tips On When To Purchase A Mattress

It’s crucial that you sleep in a good bed. What is a good bed, you might ask? A good bed is one that allows you to wake up rested, refreshed, and without any sort of aches. Can you remember the last time you woke up like that? Just opened your eyes and got out of bed with a smile on your face? If the answer is no or not really, then it might be time to get a new mattress.

A solid mattress is especially important for those that suffer from chronic pain. Sometimes, changing the way you sleep can be enough to vastly improve your quality of life. As such, a new mattress is often the first thing your doctor may prescribe when you approach them about chronic pain or fatigue.


All that said, you may already be convinced that the time has come to upgrade the way that you sleep. If you are – fantastic! However, you’re probably aware that a good mattress is not that cheap, and it may cost you hundreds of dollars. But should you deprive yourself of a healthy night of rest? No, definitely not.

You may not be aware of this, but mattresses, like most other things, are best bought on sale. If you are looking to buy a mattress without hurting your wallet, there are ways to go around it that may save you – again – hundreds of dollars.

If you want to buy a new mattress without breaking the bank, keep on reading below to find out when is the best time.

What month should I buy a mattress?

Of course, if you’re in a hurry to buy a new mattress, you can find sales and deals throughout the entire year. And if you’re less concerned with money, then there are good mattresses for sale every single day.

However, for the majority of people, a mattress is a huge expense. The best models can cost upwards of $3,000, so they are no walk in the park. On the other hand, if you aim to buy something really cheap, you may not be happy with the end result.

Knowing that you shouldn’t save on a good mattress, how do you save on a good mattress? The answer is simple – buying one in the right time of the year.

Buying in May

You may not expect May to be the best month to buy a mattress, but it often turns out to be. The advantage of May over other parts of the year stems from the mattress industry itself.

The industry usually rolls out new products around June, and they are considered new and top all the way throughout September. This means that, prior to launching new models, companies will be clearing out their warehouses. As such, in late April or in May, you might find better deals than ever.

These mattresses that you find on sale in May are not any worse than the new models that will be rolling out. They’re still current, just a year older. If you want something affordable but still high-quality, keep your eyes peeled in May.


In the US, many holidays allow people to participate in great sales. One of the most notable holidays will be Memorial Day with all of its sales, as it combines the month of May and holiday discounts.

National holidays such as the Fourth of July, President’s Day, Labor Day also often convince shopkeepers to put their stock on sale. Lastly, there is, of course, Black Friday – an obvious choice that may allow you to snag a great mattress for cheap.

If you’re not opposed to buying online, keep an eye on Cyber Monday too. The upside of buying on Cyber Monday, other than the extreme discounts, is that your new mattress will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Can you negotiate at a mattress firm?

As a retailer has to have their own minimum price too, one that allows them to cover their own expenses, it is likely that they will not go lower than that. Some shops may be willing to drop their expectations if you’re making a big purchase, but that will not always be the case.

Consider this. If there’s a minimum price enforced by the manufacturer, and the retailer also has to make some profit, there is a hard cap on how much you might be able to negotiate.

If you give negotiating a try – which you can – and the retailer lowers the price by a lot, the odds are that they were overpriced in the first place. In this case, it’s good to check out other stores to ensure that the prices found there won’t be lower.

In other words – you can negotiate, and you are free to try, but you should be cautious.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a mattress?

Pros of buying a mattress on Black Friday

  • The discounts are immense - odds are that you will not find a mattress as cheap as you will on Black Friday
  • There is a lot in stock - if you come in early enough, you will likely find a fully stocked store
  • The products are good quality - there is a wide range of mattresses available, and they're not any worse than those found throughout the year

Cons of buying a mattress on Black Friday

  • A mattress requires some serious consideration. Black Friday sales can get pretty hectic, which will make it harder for you to fully test the mattress.
  • Mattresses sell out quickly - you need to arrive around opening time, or you may leave empty-handed.

Can a mattress last 20 years?

In this day and age, we almost don’t expect the things we buy to be durable. Twenty years ago, we’d buy a new home appliance and we would hope for it to last for the next 20 years. These days, most people are happy with five.

Mattresses are no different. Just like other things found in a home, we’d want them to last for years, but it’s often difficult to estimate just how long a mattress will be good for.

The real answer to this question lies in the type of mattress you will be purchasing. A poor-quality mattress can deteriorate in as little as a year, while some top-notch mattresses will last for over 20 years.

It also depends on how you use your mattress. Obviously, you will be sleeping on it for most nights, but factors such as throwing yourself onto the bed or jumping on it may have a negative impact on most mattresses. If you treat your mattress with care, you can expect it to last longer.

The majority of high-end mattresses are guaranteed to last up to 10 years, but there are some that last more than that.

Here's a list of mattresses by type and lifespan

  • A poor quality foam mattress can last just a year if not treated well
  • Top-quality latex-core mattresses can last up to 20 years
  • Innerspring core mattresses typically last up to 10 years

It’s worth noting that in the United States, mattresses typically come with a warranty that covers up to 25 years. It’s good to aim for a mattress with a long warranty if you want something to last for many years.

How much should I pay for a good mattress?

When it comes to prices, it’s recommended that you research them prior to making a purchase.

Whether you prefer buying at a brick & mortar shop, or you’re used to buying online, retailers and manufacturers will always try to sway you in one way or the other. Every mattress sounds amazing when it is being presented to you by a salesperson. It’s easy to forget that the competition may have a better product at a lower price.

As such, before you even set out on your shopping trip, read up on the types of mattresses you’re interested in and check how much they may cost on average. Only then will you fully know how much you should pay for your new mattress.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a mattress, the most important thing is what suits you best. As such, the most expensive type may not be suited to everyone. We recommend trying them out in a retail store to see what feels best.


Sleeping is something most people love to do. Our nightly reset is what keeps us going on a day to day basis. A good night of sleep affects everything: our physical and mental health, our mood, our success and how quickly we learn. As such, the importance of owning a good mattress cannot be overstated.

Unfortunately, mattresses don’t come cheap. This is why we truly recommend buying during sales. As mentioned, the month of May is a solid time to buy one, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just as great.

When you decide to buy a new mattress, review the budget you are willing to allocate to your purchase. Consider the different types, and preferably try them out. Lastly, take your pick based on what you like the most.

Only you can know your own budget, but if you want a little word of advice: it’s often worth it to spend a little more just to have a bed that you will truly love.

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