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Why Healthy Sleep Matters?

Healthy Brain Function

Help your brain to work properly and Have a good sleep.

Emotional Well-Being

Help your brain to work properly and Have a good sleep.

Physical Health

Help your brain to work properly and Have a good sleep.

Daytime Performance

To be functional at home and work all day long


Don't let your ability to function suffer because of bad sleep.

Driving Ability

Sleep deficiency can affect both you and pilots, students, lawyers, mechanics, etc.

Here Are The Most Popular Questions

The healthiest is from 7 pm to 8 pm – this counts for 7 (!) hours of rest. After that, it goes like this: 8 – 9 pm (6 hours); 9 – 10 pm (5 hours); 10 – 11 pm (4 hours); 11 – 0 am (3 hours); 0 – 1 am (2 hours); 1 – 2 am (1 hour); 2 – 3 am (30 minutes); 3 – 4 am (15 minutes); 4 – 5 am (7 minutes); 5 – 6 am (1 minute). Other sleeping hours are useless. Now you can count how much actual rest you receive during your sleep.

On your back (at least for your spine). You can also put a little cushion under your knees for additional support and maintaining the natural curve of the spine. That’s how your back weight is evenly distributed, and the neck, head, and spine are in the right positions.

That’s when you go to bed in time and wake up with a great feeling, full of good mood and energy for the whole day. Sometimes, this feeling can be deceiving, but if we can afford to go to bed at 9-10 p.m. and sleep through the night without waking up, this can be considered a good night’s rest. 

If we are talking about adults and seniors, then yes, of course. Even 7.4 or 7.1. But not less than 7 hours in total. 

Definitely not. At a very young age, kids need around 10-17 hours of sleep (the older, the less). At school and university, people need 9-10 hours, and then adults can do just fine with 7-8 hours of sleep. But 5 is never enough. 

Yes. Your sleep becomes deeper and healthier. There are various minor benefits in terms of health, e.g. your skin and hair get better and younger, your kids will be healthier (sleeping naked positively affects reproductive functions of men), no sweat, and better sex (if you don’t sleep alone). Because you have no clothes on, your body temperature drops automatically, and your overall sleep quality is increased. 

On your stomach. This can lead to back pain, neck/joint tension, tingling in the limbs, etc. It is especially recommended that pregnant women do not sleep on their stomachs, as the blood flow deteriorates in this position.

Without. As for you, so for your breast health and your husband. Sleeping without bra provides proper blood circulation and prevents various breast diseases, including breast cancer. 

This basically depends on the personality type. For early risers, going to bed at 10 pm and waking up at 5-6 am is just fine, because these people are at peak of cortisol this time, forcing them to act and tell everyone how good is the morning. For night owls, sleeping from 1 am to 9 am which also allows enjoying the peak of activity and wake up easily. But owls’ cortisol rises more smoothly in the morning. So, even if a person had a good night’s sleep, it will not be able to become active right away.  And for the most popular representatives of the intermediate chronotype (let’s call them “pigeons”), it will be wise to go to sleep until midnight and wake up at 7.00-8.00 (at the latest).

No. Unless you are a newborn – than it’s ok. In another case, sleeping without a pillow has nothing but negative effects, e.g. discomfort and bad looks, snoring occurrence, osteochondrosis development, disturbed cerebral circulation, etc. More than that, without a pillow, the cervical spine is not supported and your muscles are forced to support it.